Nintendo DSi XL Ultimate

Brand: Nintendo



Nintendo DSi XL Ultimate Value Bundle Includes:
Choice of Nintendo DSi XL
Travel Case
Choice of 2 Games
Nintendo DSi XL includes 3 pre-installed titles:
Brain Age Express: Math
Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters
Photo Clock
Now Featuring DSi XL:
Snap photos with two cameras, andtweak them with ten interactive lenses
Record and play with your own soundsand listen to music*
Download new DSiWare titles byconnecting to the Nintendo DSi Shop**
Play existing Nintendo DS titles
93% larger screens than Nintendo DS Lite
3 pre-installed DSiWare titles
Full-sized, easy-to-hold stylus
Built-in internet browser**
Plus all the functions of theoriginal Nintendo DSi system

Retains all the functionality of the DSi including
New, large diagonal LCD screen size (4.2-inch) allows for the best visual quality DS gaming experience to date
Unit comes pre-loaded with three DSiWare titles, including
New release Burgundy color scheme adds a unique and distinct touch to your hand held gaming experience
Hardware includes a full size, easy to hold stylus that matches the exterior color of your chosen DSi XL